Hello everyone, Betty and Dante here!

I am a New Jersey born native with Guatemalan roots. I have been a Veterinary Technician for over 10 years and cannot imagine doing anything else. I’ve always had a creative mind and have finally found a way to bring both my passions together.
Though many of my products may showcase my love for the Veterinary Field, I also venture into many other niches. From household items, to sassy sayings, to pop culture/nerdy gifts, I do it all! If you look closely, you will see a little of my spice and sass in each product.

This section wouldn’t be complete without talking about my muse and mascot Dante. He is the face behind the logo! He was never given a real chance in life and when we met he made poor eating decisions that had him fight for his life. Thankfully our paths crossed and I rescued him to live the spoiled life he deserves.

Please take a look around and feel free to contact me with any questions or special requests!

Favorite collections

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Uterus Stickers

Let’s show us the world no one should control our bodies. 20%... 

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